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ABSS Premier

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New release!

ABSS Premier v22 with SST!

ABSS Premier is single and multi-user business management and accounting solution that has the following modules:

  1. Accounts/General Ledger
  2. Banking/Bank and Cash Book
  3. Sales/Accounts Receivable
  4. Time Billing - for professional firms that bill according to time
  5. Purchase/Accounts Payable
  6. Inventory/Stock Management
  7. Contact Management

Operate in multiple currencies

  • Record transactions, both sales and purchases in any foreign currency
  • Processes/Track any realized/unrealized exchange rate gains and losses.

Multi user Access

  • You can put ABSS Premier on your network and have three or more of your staff working on the
    accounts at the same time.
  • 100BaseT Ethernet network that supports NetBEUI, NetBIOS or TCP/IP networking protocols.

Easily manage your inventory

  • Keep track of what you buy and sell, and how much you have on hand
  • Raise purchase orders and automatically back order inventory items
  • Manage customer price levels and volume discounts

Manage GST easily

ABSS Premier is Malaysian GST compliant. Click here to view a list of GST tax codes in ABSS Premier.

Report GST on either a cash or accrual basis, and work with both GST inclusive and exclusive prices. With ABSS Premier you can:

  • Create professional tax invoices quickly
  • Generate reports showing all GST collected and paid
  • Generate GST-03 for submission to Customs Department (can export to a text file and import into Customs TAP)
  • Generate GST Audit File as and when required

Support for this product is provided by Deltatech Computer Systems & Solutions
ABSS Certified Partner